Improve Business Processes
A.F. Smith’s Document Outsourcing Center helps companies reduce the labour and processing costs related to managing their documents.

We can help

  • Analyze document workflow and recommend improvements
  • Scan, capture and route documents electronically
  • Store and manage documents electronically for practical sharing and collaboration
  • Manage your devices remotely to reduce the burden on your IT helpdesk
  • Create growth opportunities while improving productivity
  • Automate creation and distribution of direct mail and transactional documents
  • Optimize your records management policy
  • Automate manual processes and get mail out more quickly
  • Increase accuracy of mailing by including the right contents
Workflow Assessments & Surveys
Are you scanning, capturing and routing paper documents electronically? Are you printing your confidential documents privately and securely? Have you surveyed your employees in regards to the way they work and the necessary tools required to successfully complete their work?
Business Process Outsourcing
Are you minimizing the costs of labor intensive non revenue generating operations? Are you able to meet production deadlines efficiently and consistently?
Online Ordering & Account Management
Do you have multiple levels of approvals for various types of expenditures? Is this process automated? Are you currently able to track print volumes, purchasing trends, supply purchases and other office related purchases online?

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