Security & Compliance
A.F. Smith’s product lines meet the most stringent security requirements. Our expertise can help ensure the information at the core of your business remains in good hands: yours

  • Secure the information at the core of your business
  • Enable unauthorized copy control
  • Implement a secure printing environment
  • Decommission your devices prior to removal
  • Install image overwrite and hard drive encryption software
  • Meet most common industry compliance certifications
  • Implement audit trails to keep track of all activities surrounding your most important documents
  • Increase document security and integrity
Information Management
Do you utilize a secure document repository for electronic document storage and retrieval? Do you have a process in place to ensure proper destruction of information?
Disaster & Recovery Planning
Does your disaster recovery plan take in consideration limitations, risks and costs of managing and storing paper documents? Are you using electronic storage & distribution in place of hard-copy?
De-Commissioning Services
Are you managing obsolete assets out of the fleet? Do your current vendors promote recycling and refurbishing upon removal of assets from your offices?

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