We believe doing business should be about more than making money; it should be about our social responsibility and our involvment in the community. That is why we offer products that contribute to environmental sustainability. We also deliberately seek out innovative projects that work for social and environmental change.

We offer a unique toner recycling initiative in partnership with local charities, a green catalogue and a unique product, which reduces waste by 90% in comparison to traditional laser printers.

Total Green Office
We offer products and solutions to help save energy, reduce consumption and reduce waste. We also provide products that are safe and clean, in an effort to support a smaller carbon footprint for our customers. We are also one of the Island’s major distributor of recycled paper.

Recycling Program
We collect used Ink and Toner cartridges which are subsequently returned by container to the United States to be recycled or refilled. This program is available for all toner or ink brands. We also offer a furniture removal program.

A.F. Smith “Green Team”
Our Green committee has developed a relationship with the Bermuda Government Public Works Waste Management division. This relationship provides us with local resources to ensure we can assist in implementing best practices in-house.

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