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As a business, financial profit is vital.  After all without it, a business could not exist.   But we believe a company’s success can also be measured on how well it is connected to its community.  By connected we mean how much does it invest in the community in terms of helping people and protecting the environment.

We help in many ways and we do this because the health of our community reflects in large part on how much we care about neighbors, customers and the planet.  Obviously, there is far more need out there than we are capable of helping but we are glad to know we are making a difference.

Our employees make a difference, too. They volunteer and participate in wide-ranging charitable activities. We support their involvement through several programs, including paid time off each month.

A.F.Smith Foundation

To help us manage and assist the variety of community and environmental needs, the company is setting up the A.F. Smith Foundation.  Each year we will give a portion of the company’s profit to the Foundation.  The mandate of the Foundation will mirror the company’s historical giving philosophy and that is:

  • to assist innovative projects for social and environmental change, driven by enthusiastic volunteers and groups at grass roots level.

We will continue to contribute money, products and services to a variety of causes. If you need help or want more information, please feel free to contact Tim Smith at

Our Giving Policy

So many people are doing so many extraordinary things to help others. Our communities are better places because of the kindness that exists in people’s hearts. The amount of good work going on in our community is amazing and each year the company receives hundreds of requests for money, free or discounted products and services in-kind.

We believe a healthier community benefits everyone and we help wherever and whenever we can. Our support helps adults and children both here and around the world. We sponsor art exhibits, musical performances, debate tournaments and sporting events. We help victims of natural disasters. In education, we fund scholarships, mentoring and reading programs as well as provide free school supplies to children in need. Our support for environmental issues covers conservation, preservation and education, as well as sponsorship of Earth Day activities. We give to individuals and groups that promote healthy life-styles including physical, emotional and spiritual well being and fund programs to combat domestic violence.

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