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When it comes to improving your workplace effectiveness we offer a range and depth of services that's unmatched. With powerful office technologies, processes, services and tools specifically designed for your business, you'll see measurable results, including reduced costs and higher productivity. We provide Document and Workplace Performance Assessment Services, Asset Management & Storage, Ergonomic Assessment, and Supply Chain Management. All of which guarantees you stay focused on what's really important - your business.

Workplace Surveys

A.F. Smith offers a suite of workplace surveys that are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how people really work.

Form follows function

Steelcase offers a suite of workplace surveys, based on our research and knowledge of the workplace, that are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how people really work. The goal is to help design professionals and clients create harder working spaces— whether you need to collaborate, concentrate or both.

Benefits of using the surveys

An easy way to gather information from large groups of people; the reporting allows you to look at results for the organization, or by individual departments. The results are tabulated, distilling a lot of information into easy to read reports. The surveys are an excellent way to engage employees in efforts to change the work.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Business Case Development

Accurate data collection forms the basis for more detailed analysis, especially around total cost of ownership (TCO) and how effectively you’re using your assets. In this more thorough assessment, devices are mapped for each floor/building and scenarios are built showing how different device deployments will impact overall TCO and ROI. To ensure we produce accurate results this portion also includes gathering your environment’s related contractual information.

The Total Cost of your office Output Environment

Typically Observed (10%)

  • Technology acquisition
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Supply prices

Typically Unobserved (90%)

  • Document / records management
  • End user productivity
  • IT support / infrastructure
  • Administrative costs
  • Environmental impact

Document Assessments


We believe the facts relating to your organization’s document output spend and workflows reveal a path to substantial cost savings, improved productivity, and employee satisfaction. But these facts are elusive—hidden in infrastructure expenses, service and supplies costs, and departmental, or fragmented purchasing. Our assessment helps identify such areas of opportunity.After conducting many assessments in customer environments, there are typically four key areas:

1. Management process

Who owns the output infrastructure? Not just the printers... think about the copiers, multifunction devices, fax machines, scanners, etc. In most organizations the situation is a proliferated, multi-vendor hodgepodge, with a variety of service contracts and uncoordinated leases.

2. Device proliferation

Do you know how many devices you have? Most organizations are surprised to find they have many more devices than they thought they had. Not only that; these devices are from multiple vendors and different models. Many are old, unreliable and costly inkjet and personal printers.

3. Supplies

An often overlooked impact of the output environment is the ongoing replacement of consumables other than paper. Buying toner cartridges for multiple incompatible devices, associated inventory costs and administrative time spent ordering all contribute negatively to the overall cost structure.

4. Hidden costs

How many calls to your IT help desk are related to output issues? Are the assets managed in a way that keeps costs down, equipment current, and provides a consistent user experience? Managing multiple service contracts and training users on a wide variety of equipment is time-consuming and costly.

Data Collection

A.F Smith uses a powerful and scalable set of integrated tools and methodologies to analyze your work environment, define a current state, and show you the way to improved bottom-line results. Our Assessments include:

On-Site Data Collection

Using a simple device data-gathering tool, we will collect information relative to the number and type of network devices in your environment, the volumes they produce, and some basic identification profiles.

User-Based Tracking

This assessment gathers data on an ongoing basis to get a true picture of usage patterns over time. This provides a clearer picture of exactly how devices are used at the application level—who needs tabloid-sized paper, stapling, booklet making, color, etc. Based on this deeper-dive analysis, devices can be configured to more closely match the needs of the end users. In addition, this enables administrators to implement rules-based printing solutions, color quotas, and other cost-control strategies, without hampering productivity.

End User “Voice of Customer”

In addition to gathering end-user data, this assessment delves further into the end-user experience by conducting surveys with end users to get a more personal, emotional sense of what their output experience is like. We review the verbatim concerning the work they have to get done, their deadlines and their needs. We look for the voice of frustration, because that’s usually where we find opportunities for improvement.

Business Process and Workflow Analysis

The benefits of conducting an assessment can extend beyond cost savings. This assessment maps the flow of information and all the touch points in an end-to-end document-intensive business process, e.g., order processing, new employee on-boarding, etc. We often can find ways to eliminate steps, labour, time and costs, and streamline and accelerate the overall process.


Our holistic, vendor neutral approach doesn’t simply count machines. In fact, the ODA provides accurate data about business processes and the cost of doing business, which helps formulate a comprehensive plan for getting the most from your office document infrastructure without necessarily having to purchase additional hardware. Key metrics will include:
  • No. of devices by type, manufacturer, model
  • No. of employees
  • Ratio of employees to device
  • Split between color and black/white activity
  • Coverage for typical documents
  • Cost of production per employee
  • Costs per device type
  • Consumables Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Machines dedicated to specific applications
  • Cost per cartridge type vs. yield
  • Prints per employee per month
  • Split between networked & local devices
  • Machines not working or unused
  • Help desk activity
  • Age profile of fleet
Assessment Reports

The A.F. Smith assessment culminates with a detailed final report, providing strategic recommendations and a blueprint for change designed to yield achievable, measurable results. In addition, customized reports and accompanying presentations compare benefits to costs over specified time frames and identify actionable steps for continuous progress. Once the assessment is complete, A.F. Smith is ready and able to manage your transition to more effective and productive ways of working. Our ODA services are not “one size fits all,” but are combinations of customized services, a vendor-neutral approach, technology, and process improvements that integrate seamlessly with your current technology infrastructure to deliver exactly what you need. Key metrics will include:

  • Employees per device and device utilization
  • Cost per page and age of device
  • Hard output and infrastructure costs
  • Total cost per employee

By conducting assessments locally since the mid-2000s, we’ve learned that the opportunity to reduce cost and improve worker productivity can be significant and immediate. Our experience is that the average savings from Office Assessments is 20 to 30 percent.
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