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Total Green Office Analysis

TGOS (Total Green Office Analysis) is a solution that supports visualizing, analyzing, and minimizing the environmental impacts and costs occurring at each step of selection, use and recycle of products and services. ¿To fulfill this, we assist customers continuously also in optimization of their workflows and ways to work.

Through TGOS, we provide “Sustainable Offices” that support customers’ knowledge management.

Environmental Sustainability

Minimization of electricity and paper consumption, wastes and ant other elements that affect the office environment as well as environmental impacts incurred by the movement of people and materials.

Economical/Social Sustainability

Generation of new values through cost reduction and productivity improvement.Benefiting communities through creation of business continuity environments.

Human Sustainability

Achieving a better work environment and a way to work which satisfy and motivate individual users while respecting their different ways to work and work-life balances

Disaster & Recovery Planning

When uncontrollable natural disasters or unforeseeable attacks on your company threaten the livelihood and productivity of your business, wouldn’t you like the comfort of knowing that there are key recovery tools available to get you back on your feet and running as usual quickly? Of course you would. A.F. Smith can provide you with tools and guidance that will help you plan for disaster as well as help you to identify ways to share up your business and minimize risk before disaster strikes.

Key Benefits

  • Thorough, targeted business analysis help keep you accountable to your customers, employees, and shareholders
  • Highly developed, well-tested disaster recovery plans significantly lower business risks
  • Detailed recovery action plans serve as roadmaps to improve response in time of disaster
  • AFSmith's disaster recovery experts are an added, extensive pool of resources when the unexpected occurs

Our trained and professional team will consult with you and formulate a plan to mitigate against the effect of a disaster with the express aim of ensuring your business continuity. As a first step, we will review your key business activity, systems and requirements. Next, we discuss both strategic and operational roles for key members and support members of your staff. A risk analysis is then performed and we will assess the potential impact of a disaster or crisis on your business. Before we undertake any additional work, we will provide you with a written proposal which outlines the scope of the work, what the deliverables are, project timelines and an estimate of costs. The proposal will provide you further options so that the deliverables are kept within your needs, expectations and budget

We are positioned to provide you with a DRP and BCP that contains the following:

  • Alternative site and contingency requirements
  • Command and control/crisis management protocols and requirements
  • Identification of key team members, roles and responsibilities
  • Identification of key assets; list of inventory
  • Key contact information (customers, clients, vendors and staff)
  • Protocols for effective DRP and BCP implementation
  • Standing Instructions for invoking the BCP
  • Post-event procedures
  • De-briefing guidelines/lessons learned for future implementation

Professional Training Services

Maximize the efficiency of your most important asset - your people. Ensuring that your employees are well-trained is an essential part of any solution implementation from A.F. Smith. Let us help you on the path to developing a motivated and efficient staff, and by doing so, grow your return on investment.

From the basic to the more complex, our professional instructors are dedicated to teaching your employees how to maximize the effectiveness of your printing and workflow solutions. Training programs will be customized to focus on the requirements of your people and how they can become more productive through enhanced skills and more effective work processes. For example, our training can address the following topics:

Your New Product

Learn how to best apply the features and capabilities of your new product to meet your needs.

Your Productivity

Learn how your new solution can be used to enhance your document management workflow to enable maximum productivity.

Course material is flexible and classes are cost-effective - adapted to suit your organization's needs.Instructor led training is available for the following A.F. Smith product offerings:

  • Office Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies
  • Production Equipment
  • IT Products

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