On Premise Managed Services

Managed Print Services

A.F. Smith is helping companies understand the true costs of managing their print environment and reducing their total document output costs by up to 30%

Phased Approach


Analysts will take the time to understand your unique environment:

  • Complete a thorough assessment of the state of your current document output environment
  • Provide a detailed report of your current-state technology, along with associated costs and process workflows


Workflow Specialists will create a new system designed to improve your operations:

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) strategies
  • Process improvement
  • Security enhancement & compliance
  • Environmental impact reduction


Project teams will help you transition to your new environment:

  • Adopt new technology more quickly
  • Provide better end-user experience
  • Reduce risks associated with new technology adoption


Site Managers provide on-going governance of your output & imaging environment.

  • The Manage phase includes four distinct service components:
    • Operation Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Support Services
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Client Management can be implemented on-site as part of a facilities management program or off-site as part of a help-desk function.

Benefits of Implementing MPS

Decreased Document-related Expenses

  • Up to 30% according to Gartner &Photizo

Controlled Expenditures

  • Through on-going asset management

Increased Employee Productivity

  • More efficient processes
  • Focused more on core responsibilities

Eliminated Or Significantly Reduced Waste

  • Cost of operations and environment

Reduced Footprint

  • Free up valuable office space

Asset Management

We can take control and completely manage your supply rooms, as well as your office furniture and office equipment assets.

  • We track all of your office products— Office Equipment, IT Products and Office Furniture —regardless of manufacturer or model. We use a bar code system to automate the management of your assets.
  • We also manage the supplies, maintenance, support and training that go along with them.
  • We ensure your supply rooms are monitored, replenished and inventoried regularly to ensure your users can always find what they need.
  • Improve environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint, energy consumption and solid waste.
  • Improve device availability and increase employee satisfaction by resolving problems before they impact your business.

De-commissioning Services

A.F. Smith offers a thorough de-commissioning service for your office equipment to ensure all company data is safely removed prior to your equipment being disposed. A unique certificate is also given for each piece of equipment to certify that all data was removed according to the highest industry standards.

Scanning & Data Capture

We can help accelerate business processes by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it all into your business applications and databases

  • Capabilities to handle back-file environments, as well as day forward scanning
  • Document Scanning with high-speed equipment
  • Scan documents up to 36inches wide
  • Secure shipment and storage of your documents
  • Careful preparation and handling of your documents
  • Data and forms processing, including zonal-OCR
  • Secure Facility with authorized personnel only

A.F. Smith can provide on premise services such as scanning and data capture, freeing you to reassign resources to core business functions. The result: more-streamlined operations and productivity.

Our Document Management Services uses the latest imaging technology to quickly convert your paper documents to searchable electronic files. Converting from paper allows you a quick, secure, and reliable way to access your electronic documents. These files can then be stored easily on a CD. With electronic searchable files you save time searching for files and they occupy less of your valuable storage space.

We have the equipment to scan a single photo, or thousands of documents.
Data Capture

When a customer needs thousands of documents converted to electronic formats, simply scanning them is not enough. You need to be able to quickly find and retrieve those documents; this is where indexing and searching come in. The latest scanning technology can index documents so that they can easily be found. Xerox is a pioneer in this area, and we are proud to be able to offer their cutting edge technology to our customers.

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