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Cloud-based Electronic Content Management

Fully secure and reliable, our Cloud Solutions address the needs of companies that want to benefit from proven business process and software solutions without the related IT constraints and costs. Companies see a move to cloud solutions as strategic to their needs, in order to simplify management, to scale as the business grows, and to reduce costs associated with traditional solutions.

Cloud solutions are designed to operate differently. Access to software services are web-based, for access anywhere. Cloud solutions run on hardware located in a data center managed by A.F. Smith and our Yakidoo partners. Companies using our Cloud Solutions generally reduce hardware and software purchases and upgrades, as well as continuous maintenance concerns. Existing IT teams can be repurposed to better support your core business and contribute to company success more directly.

Advantages of Cloud Solutions:

  • Eliminate capital expenses for software – Cloud Solutions are pay-per-use, pay per transaction and subscription
  • Cloud Solutions fit your business, instead of forcing your business to fit traditional one-size-fits-all solutions
  • On-demand, scalable, highly available
  • Features updated regularly, without upgrade costs to your company
  • Reduce dependence on IT
  • Provide secure access for Supply Chain and other Business Partners, and Customers
  • Access to solutions from anywhere, anytime

Quickly Access Information in the Cloud: Enterprise Content Management

Moving Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions to the Cloud can contribute greatly to making content available throughout the company and to help solve business problems. Secure access to information in the cloud can also be extended to supply chain and other business partners. Making more information available to more employees and partners benefits company business outcomes, and improves efficiency and the general quality of work.

Delays in reviewing and approving pieces of critical business information can have serious negative effects on companies, with real impact on the bottom line. ECM solutions generally organize items such as documents, digital content, transaction records, scanned images, online records, as well as connect these content items through managed workflows. The result for business is information that can be found and retrieved, approvals that are logged, critical knowledge that can be shared, and audit trails that meet compliance and risk standards.

Advantages of Cloud Solution for ECM:

  • Access to information anytime, anywhere, leading to broader employee adoption
  • Ease of collaboration – for distributed employees, partners, supply chain, and customers
  • Access from any mobile device
  • Improved compliance and risk management
  • Offload content storage demands and lifecycle management
  • Cloud ECM is enterprise-focused – eliminates traditional ECM silos

Our Expertise

The Yakidoo team is comprised of business process analysts and technical architects experienced in helping companies tackle key issues related to content chaos. With over 75 combined years experience and hundreds of projects completed A.F. Smith and Yakidoo will help your company be successful.

Accounts Payable Automation

Many businesses have tried to improve accounting efficiencies by using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to automate core financial processes. But within ERP implementations, Accounts Payable (AP) functions have remained stubbornly reliant on costly and archaic paper-based processes that have dragged down overall efficiencies and are open to errors, increased risk, and failure to improve the company bottom line.

Badly performing manual AP processes lead to poor visibility into the company's liabilities for cash forecasting and accrual purposes. Invoices are chained to a slow-moving paper-based approval process. Manual processes also impede much needed integration between Purchasing and Finance systems.

Inefficiencies and errors in the accounts payable process can mean:

  • Missed opportunities for early payment discounts
  • Unnecessary late payment penalties
  • Potential interruption of an organization's supply chain if delays are serious enough
  • Increased errors due to re-keying of data into several systems
  • Increased audit fees and risk

Advantages of Cloud Solution for Accounts Payable:

  • Accounts Payable automation in the cloud stabilizes Supply Chain business flow
  • Reduce cost, speed processes, minimize human error
  • Free finance staff for proactive reporting/analysis and business decision support
  • Improve working capital through improved realization of discounts, avoided late payment penalties, and properly matching invoices to contract pricing
  • Reduce fraud due to increased controls and improved audit trails
  • Improve data quality, reduction of paper-dependence

Destruction Management

Businesses and organizations accumulate increasing quantities of paper and electronic records. We can assist you by providing you with the storage capacity you need and help your business or organization plan and execute a legally permissible program for records retention, destruction and disposal. Timely destruction of obsolete records and documents helps you save on storage costs.

Increasing regulations, customer demands for the protection of their information and the need to have an efficient and effective means of destroying records makes secure shredding an essential part of your records management program.

Our partner Central Filing provides a secure and effective means of shredding documents and destroying electronic media such as computer tapes and discs which are no longer needed.

Their trained staff complies with strict security practices to ensure that the chain of custody¿for documents, computer tapes, CD’s and other electronic media is unbroken. We provide you with a certificate of destruction, which gives you a legal audit trail.

Information Protection & Storage

Today's regulations require that companies store much more documents than they have done in the past. Through our affiliation with Central Filing Ltd., A.F. Smith can provide you, the client with secure storage at our storage facility.

Records Storage and Management

The business environment demands that records be kept - records which have a business, legal and operational value to you and your clients. To assist you in meeting your records storage and management needs we offer a safe and secure environment to store those records. We have facilities which are secure and clean that meet your conventional storage needs; we also have facilities which are climate controlled and equipped with fire suppression systems.

We are able to manage records by the carton, document or image. We provide solutions for vital, active and inactive records through our suite of services. Effective records storage and management provides you with the knowledge that:

When it comes to hard copy records storage and management, we offer the following suite of services:

  • Sale of high quality document boxes
  • Packing of boxes, pick up and delivery
  • Storage ¨C for any period of time you determine
  • Classification, retention and destruction management as per the customers schedule
  • Access to your records when you need them
  • Delivery of the records when you need them
  • Our computerized inventory control system means that your records are located quickly and efficiently.

Data Protection and Recovery

You can depend on Central Filing to provide a safe and secure environment for your back-up data. Our facility is both climate controlled and equipped with a fire suppression system. Back-up data is stored within this environment in locked facilities. This off-site Tape Vaulting service ¨C either long term vaulting or rotation vaulting - ensures that:

  • Your data remains safe and secure.
  • Enables more rapid recovery in a disaster
  • Reduces the risk of critical data losses
  • Reduces the risk of business interruption

Not only do we provide a highly secure facility in which to store your tape backup and archival records, we also provide secure pick-up and transportation, on a daily basis if needed. We only use purpose built, high-impact resistant boxes to transport computer tapes or discs. One box is assigned to each client and, if desired, the box can be locked while in transit. Computer tapes or discs belonging to multiple clients are never transported in the same box.

Our vault consists of secure, fire-proof cabinets contained within a climate controlled room equipped with a fire suppression system in a building equipped with the latest detection equipment. We provide long term vaulting and rotation vaulting.

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