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Please feel free to give us a call on 292 1882 with any questions or, if more convenient, complete the below form which will be submitted to our helpdesk.

In order to facilitate a prompt response, please give us as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing. For example,
  • If the unit is jamming, please specify in which area the issue is reoccurring (ex. Area 3A, Document feeder, main engine or finisher)
  • If your chair needs repair, please specify what needs repair (ex. Wheel, Arm rest or Fabric)
  • If you are experiencing streaks on print, specify the color of the band that appears
  • If your unit is inoperable, please specify if the unit is not powering on or if you are experiencing a loss of function (print, scan. copy, fax)
  • If you are experiencing issues related to faxing, please confirm if your analog line is functional
  • Please include error codes and how often the problem is happening

Good examples:
  • Yellow lines are appearing on copies
  • Paper is jamming in area 3A
  • Error code / Fault code
  • Left arm rest is damaged
Bad examples:
  • Machine not working
  • Chair broken

*Company Name
*Your Full Name
*Your email address
*Phone Number
*Location (ex. Building Name, Floor)
Department (ex. Finance, IT)
*Model (ex. Xerox 7545 or Leap Chair)
*A.F. Smith ID Tag # Between 4 and 5 characters
Look for the AFSmith Tag on the front of your Printer/Machine. This does not apply to furniture service requests.
Contact Name at Location
Contact Phone Number at Location
Please complete the following information for us to efficiently process your service request. The more detailed the description, the quicker we can resolve the issue. See examples given above.
*Error Code (ex. SC543 or N/A if not applicable)
*Please describe your Issue

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